The Eclectic Garage dedicates a portion of our showroom to select consignment vehicles. With our convenient location next to O’Hare International Airport, reputation and marketing exposure, we are able to generate the maximum value from your sports classic, high performance or specialty vehicle.

A consignment arrangement streamlines the sale and minimizes your involvement in the many details surrounding a transaction. Visit our “Contact Us” page to request further information.

Fee Schedule

Our fees are determined as a percentage of the selling price on a sliding scale. In addition, a monthly marketing and storage charge is incurred:

  • $300 initial marketing/storage fee
  • Sale price to $30,000 = 12% fee
  • Sale price $30,001 to $70,000 = 10%
  • Sale price $70,001 to $120,000 = 8%
  • Sale price $120,001 or over = 6%


Vehicle must have a clean title and be deemed mechanically and structurally sound. All up to date service must be completed and past service records available. We can assist with fair and cost effective maintenance or reconditioning.


Critical to our agreement is a thorough understanding of the true market value of your vehicle. We will work with you to determine an asking price that is most likely to result in a sale.


To expedite the sale, all supporting documentation, keys, manuals, etc., should be included with the vehicle. They add tremendous value to the process. As consignor, you will retain the title to the vehicle until the point of sale, but we request a copy of the title and proof of insurance. Our liability policy covers Mancuso Motorsports and yourself, though you should maintain your comprehensive coverage for fire, theft, collision or damage.

Consignment Agreement

An agreement stating the conditions of the consignment will be signed by the owner. Owner assumes all liability for any actions post-sale.